1. 199/365. My album. on Flickr.

    1Snuck into an empty house for sale (shhhh) and literally just jumped around and had some fun. I have sooooo many outtakes. Way too many. But also not enough. Link in the description (and on my tumblr) (:

    I know this is way different from my normal, but I’m starting to feel like I shouldn’t justify myself for exploring my photography and my style. And I love happy things- and images that portray the happy (:


  2. Anonymous asked: you take a lot of photos of yourself , it's a bit vain!

    oh my gosh this is so exciting. This is the first real negative message I’ve ever gotten. I’m totes famous now.


  3. these photos are ridiculous. Enjoy (:


  4. Anonymous asked: Your description is brilliant !!..haha :)

    your face is brilliant anon. 


  5. mentalstatesofamerica asked: you make everyone look so pretty how

    the magic of photoshop


  6. faggory:

    vintage, nature, and everything nice. these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little blog but professor utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction— pale posts. thus, faggory was born using their ultra-super powers vintage, nature, and pale have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil.

    I’m not entirely sure what’s happened to this photo but I love it

    (Source: comicalscam)


  7. 198/365. Waiting in the Rubble. on Flickr.

    I did this photo as a sort of homage to all the people that work really hard with no reward- waiting for something good to happen. Interns, people looking for jobs, or people generally just down on their luck. A lot of the time we have to be in really bad situations for a really long time in order for something good to happen. I know I’ve had firsthand experience with this, and a few people close to me have as well.

    I did the formatting similarly to that of Rachel Baran’s partly because I love her work, but mostly because I wantd the “road closed” and not wanted sings to be of less importance. Its not really about why or what is blocking the way, but how you handle it. *breaks into song* IIIIIITS THE CLIIIIIIMB

    There’s my schpeel.


  8. I’ve gotten a bit of interest in prints, and so here we are! All of the money is going to paying for my college education, and so anything helps. If you want a photo not in the gallery, feel free to ask (:


  9. 197/365. Defeat. on Flickr.

    And here’s the larger version on Flickr. (: Thank you to all those who responded lastnight. Description on the link


  10. guys halp should I post this to flickr?!?

    I’m really having problems with this. Its overall too dark for my taste. And I had kind of a breakdown regarding taking my 365 today- what with losing light, my concept being shat on by a closed park, etc. 


  11. woo personal things

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  12. This has been my week in Flickr and holy mother of god it has been amazing. Before this week, the view of all time was less than 100,000 and that’s including my past several years on Flickr. I am so happy and so grateful and honestly a little confused as to why it’s happening now but… Hoopla!




  14. 195/365. Assimilate. on Flickr.

    verb; to take in and utilize as nourishment : absorb into the system; to take into the mind and thoroughly comprehend

    I think of this photo as a sort of a human condition. That we adapt to new situations when we need to- no matter how difficult or foreign. I once read that we’re programmed to learn a new language in as little as 4 days. Who knows if that’s actually true. But I’d like to think that if I ever get forced into a difficult situation I could adapt.

    You caaaan’t see it in the photo… because of my master editing skills…but I’m massively sick. (I had to edit a bright red runny nose :P) and this was very difficult to shoot because I had left my tissues in the car and overall today has just been a very tough day. I’ve got a massive exam tommorrow that I’m not prepared for, and not feeling well enough to study for, but such is life. Also, the fact that my necklace is off in the photo reaallly bothers me -.- I definitely could have changed that…


  15. fuckyeahspeech:

    My team’s recruitment posters :D

    My school is cool