1. My love for Alt J has been re-validated. 


  2. The 50 1.2 is suuuuch a sexy lens. Hot damn. Too bad it’s only a rental. (For now heh heh). But I’ve got a gorgeous wedding and two shoots this weekend so be on the lookout for some fresh stuff (: #borrowlenses #canon6d #canon50mm #AMURICA


  3. 218/365. This is an image about depression. on Flickr.

    A sharp contrast to my last image, I know.
    But that’s how it works, right.


  4. 217/365. Where I live now. on Flickr.

    I’ve just moved in to my first apartment and holy mother of natural light in my room its the best thing in the world. I have SO many ideas for shooting in here. (Hallelujah one east facing window, one GIANT west facing window, and one south facing window). Everythings still pretty barren and I have about a dozen photos to hand up but I’ll get there.

    Also I’m pretty sure I’ve sold my soul to ikea. Ikea owns me.

    I feel good.



  6. comicalscam:

    193/365. Wishful Thinking. on Flickr.

    Soo… took this yesterday because today I am bedridden today.

    Its funny how client work and personal work seem to always be on a teeter todder-ing balancing act. Whenever I am happy with my personal work, my client work suffers… and vice versa. I’ve been doing a lot of second shooting jobs, so its not terribly consequential. And yet, its still stressful. I have completely messed up some relationships with clients strictly from miscommunication and my failure to do something. It’s… bad. And I wish I could have made those mistakes in the classroom instead of in the real world, with real clients… but… I have to keep reminding myself that I am only 18, I am taking 19 units in college, I run my own business, and I’m handling my personal life. I wish so much that I could make everything work, but life is a balancing act right? I’ve got to figure out a way to not spread myself too thin.

    Also… my photos have turned into some sort of a diary for me. Anybody who reads this… is learning quite a lot about me (: SO thank you all you wonderful wonderful followers! 

    was going through some of my old posts- and the message from this photo remains true. In my life, client work and personal work are on this never ending teeter todder. As of right now, my client work is doing wonderfully. But my personal work (365 project AND friendships) are suffering. Anybody have the answer to this? /:


  7. comicalscam:


    Fuji GW690iii + Expired Fuji 160S shot at 100

    There were a few light leaks, not caused by the camera I might add, that actually made for some really cool effects!


    Film is so cool, man. Here’s a set taken by a friend- he’s really good.

    reblogging [again] because man I love this set. Johnny is so very good. One day I’ll pick up film…


  8. thekayfo said: Me again! Okay so I have a LOT of questions. I'm not really sure how college speech works exactly. How is it different from high school? I don't know how busy I'll be with theatre yet, is it a really big time issue? Are there people who do both? As for NFL, I have a membership, but I was only in it my freshman year because we had a coaching change and our new coach didn't like it. Is that going to affect joining? Lastly, I was in poetry, could I still do that? Sorry for all the questions! :)

    Feel free to ask as many questions as you think up! I love answering them (:

    And I warn you, this is going to be long.

    Read More


  9. This kid is adorable and I love children’s parties all too much. Always worth.


  10. whatshouldwecallweddingphoto:

    Stop whining. DO something.

    Do what?

    Get out of your own bubble. Realize that you are NOT as awesome as you think- and that’s OKAY, because it means that you have a endless amount of AWESOME things to learn.

    Get critique. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/383695748352902/) Not pats on…

    This is basically what I’ve been doing with my life for the last 3-4 weeks and its working?????


  11. One of the people I admire the most in the world just posted this to her personal blog, and I am in awe. (A little bit of background info- she is essentially a lighting design prodigy. She graduated college almost two years early and was accepted into several top notch programs around the world. She went to New York. Now you’re caught up)


  12. #novioisdabomb. I just redid my bio on my website and that hashtag is mentioned. www.MeganLPhoto.com/contact to find it. #seriouslytho #novioISdabomb


  13. So in the last couple of weeks I’ve really gotten down to business and I am proud as hell. I’m not quite sure what the kick in the butt was, but I’m doing well.

    I’m bedridden today from this silly flu, but in the time that I can focus, I’ve been watching Creative Live videos (which one am I going to buy with the summer sale!? There are so many I want!) And I am just learning so much.

    Marketing, client relations, taxes, equipment, album designing, posing, social media utilization, portfolio cleanup, workflow, editing techniques, retouching, coloring, design…

    With doing nothing more than just posting I’ve gotten 10 new likes this week. So now I’m going to ask you guys for likes because it would mean a hell of a lot. Thank you you wonderful followers! I love you lots.


  14. starfleetofficial:

    OKAY. SO.

    My friends Megan and Jonathan and I heard about this private screening of a movie called ‘This is Not a Club’ which is about speech and debate and since we’re all speechies we were all psyched to go. (Megan and I actually run fuckyeahspeech. Represent, yo.) The screening was…

    So this happened to us last night. I told Sasha this happened because she’s done something right in her life.

    Also it was very hard not to burst out laughing when he sat next to us.

    And may I repeat SERIOUSLY underdressed, man. Those paint stained flip flops will be the death of me.


  15. We went and saw the screening for the film about high school speech wherein we reminisced about our duo days. And also we sat next to Chris Pine. #dontlookitupitshimitshim #speech #nationalspeechanddebateassociation