1. I’ve been published!

    Nothing special, but still something.

    Additionally, this wedding is getting published on another blog this week. Yay! :D


  2. 224/365. TIme Slave. on Flickr.

    Not my best, but I was trying very hard to make this not exactly the same as one of my other 365s from a few months ago.

    I find myself… stressing… constantly over the amount of time I have. Its a huge factor in my life. Because I sleep so much, I have significantly less amount of time in my day than everyone else. And I try to make up for it by staying up, but that just makes me sleep more. I miss daylight. I miss feeling productive. I miss not having to worry about time. In every single thing I do. I hate sleeping so much. And I wish I had more time for this photo.


  3. Ummm…

    I think I’m going to New York in January????


  4. 224/365. There’s a boy in my bed! on Flickr.

    A personal photo, for today. Nothing special, just makes me happy.

    (Look how white he issss!)

    And this is tumblr, all the sappy crap belongs here right?


  5. My 365 shoots general consist of

    30% bad hairflips

    10% awkward dancing

    15% giggling

    5% flashing the camera

    39.5% awkward poses that don’t work and look silly

    .5% successful photo


  6. 223/365. & Beyond on Flickr.

    I’m so artsy I go around and stand on rocks for fun.



  7. 222/365.Settle on Flickr.

    I’m actually pretty happy with this one.

    Mission Trails is a beautiful place


  8. 221/365. Step Up on Flickr.

    I’m in low spritis right about now. Its funny how my 365s have sort of become a diary for me.

    It pretty much all comes back to the fact that I want to make them a book when I finish. (A book for me, personally, not for anyone else to buy). I want a physical thing in my hands that shows my progress.

    End mini rant.


  9. 220/365. Inside. on Flickr.


    I’ve been stressed. Not really… More like… I’ve been busy. I’m handling it okay. I have a boyfriend (long-ish distance), I’m in school full time, and I’m running this silly business and trying to make it official. I find myself working 5-8 hour days, every day, along with school. Its amazing how muddled your brain becomes when you forget to be a person.
    So I’m trying to become a person again. I’ve started reading a lot more, and I’m trying to start up my 365s again. (Although that might prove difficult with all night classes, and daylight savings coming around the corner). I’m needing photography to be a hobby again. (Although I definitely haven’t stopped loving it!)

    Also, it would mean the world to me if some people (I’ve been getting a lot of new followers recently!!) would go like my facebook page. I’ve just started running it again, and its embarassingly lacking: www.facebook.com/meganlphoto


  10. Guuuyyyyyysssss

    I’m getting published on the front page of ProjectWedding
    (or so they tell me)


    That is all


  11. Sebastian + Jennifer in San Diego


  12. My love for Alt J has been re-validated. 


  13. The 50 1.2 is suuuuch a sexy lens. Hot damn. Too bad it’s only a rental. (For now heh heh). But I’ve got a gorgeous wedding and two shoots this weekend so be on the lookout for some fresh stuff (: #borrowlenses #canon6d #canon50mm #AMURICA


  14. 218/365. This is an image about depression. on Flickr.

    A sharp contrast to my last image, I know.
    But that’s how it works, right.


  15. 217/365. Where I live now. on Flickr.

    I’ve just moved in to my first apartment and holy mother of natural light in my room its the best thing in the world. I have SO many ideas for shooting in here. (Hallelujah one east facing window, one GIANT west facing window, and one south facing window). Everythings still pretty barren and I have about a dozen photos to hand up but I’ll get there.

    Also I’m pretty sure I’ve sold my soul to ikea. Ikea owns me.

    I feel good.