1. #novioisdabomb. I just redid my bio on my website and that hashtag is mentioned. www.MeganLPhoto.com/contact to find it. #seriouslytho #novioISdabomb


  2. So in the last couple of weeks I’ve really gotten down to business and I am proud as hell. I’m not quite sure what the kick in the butt was, but I’m doing well.

    I’m bedridden today from this silly flu, but in the time that I can focus, I’ve been watching Creative Live videos (which one am I going to buy with the summer sale!? There are so many I want!) And I am just learning so much.

    Marketing, client relations, taxes, equipment, album designing, posing, social media utilization, portfolio cleanup, workflow, editing techniques, retouching, coloring, design…

    With doing nothing more than just posting I’ve gotten 10 new likes this week. So now I’m going to ask you guys for likes because it would mean a hell of a lot. Thank you you wonderful followers! I love you lots.


  3. starfleetofficial:

    OKAY. SO.

    My friends Megan and Jonathan and I heard about this private screening of a movie called ‘This is Not a Club’ which is about speech and debate and since we’re all speechies we were all psyched to go. (Megan and I actually run fuckyeahspeech. Represent, yo.) The screening was…

    So this happened to us last night. I told Sasha this happened because she’s done something right in her life.

    Also it was very hard not to burst out laughing when he sat next to us.

    And may I repeat SERIOUSLY underdressed, man. Those paint stained flip flops will be the death of me.


  4. We went and saw the screening for the film about high school speech wherein we reminisced about our duo days. And also we sat next to Chris Pine. #dontlookitupitshimitshim #speech #nationalspeechanddebateassociation


  5. This wasn’t reallllly a kids party. More of an adult party. But I just like kids so much ya know?



  6. kristintastic said: Thank youuu! I can't wait to start handing them out!

    omg. when I first got my business cards I was just handing them out to anyone with a pulse.

    …but now I’m out. and I need to get new ones


  7. 215/365. Not Quite Symmetrical on Flickr.

    I forgot to think of a title so I just described the photo. That works right?


  8. Thoughts on logos anyone? 

    Top one is my current logo but I’m looking to change because I want something a little more… weddingy. Also th eonly real thing I can do at this point is play with fonts and not actual logos because I can’t afford a custom one and I refuse to do one that anyone else can have.



  9. 214/365. Stuck Inside. on Flickr.

    We’re all stuck inside ourselves whether we like it or not. Ya feel?

    It took a lot to shoot this. And what’s funny- I spent no more than 5 minutes today shooting. I saw that I was happy with this one and just quit. Still got 151 more photos to go. Not quite sure how I’ll make it.


  10. Never forget my 5 minutes of not actual tumblr fame

    (Source: starfleetofficial)


  11. flannelsandjeans said: yes you can



  12. Can you love details too much?



  13. Preview for the wedding I shot this weekend. Full post on ze blog: http://www.meganlphoto.com/blog/kayla


  14. Actual hipster Megan ward. #printyourwork #theresanorangeonmyhead #orapeach #orapumpkin #thatsdebateable


  15. Creeping on my old elementary school and reminiscing after visiting #riotgames. I’ve missed Santa Monica.